Change of Pace: Summer


It is amazing how much my schedule has changed over the last month as I get used to being in a totally different neighborhood on the other side of the river. I do enjoy it, and running throughout the neighborhood is starting to give me an appreciation for where everything can be found. For the most part, I think, the move has been a welcome one. If nothing else, I am positively excited about having an air conditioning unit for those hotter days in July. Previously, my apartment resembled nothing so much as an oven, getting at least 10° C above the outdoor ambient temperature. What's more, I now have a truly fantastic view to peak at when I wake up in the morning, with a rather splendid veranda just downstairs to boot.

I am hoping to get out camping fairly soon, as it's summer, and I really didn't get an opportunity to go last summer. Convalescence and the great outdoors as experienced in a tent are not necessarily the most agreeable of companions. However, it is a new year, and I am more then eager to make up for lost time. Fitting it into our already somewhat conflicting weekend schedules could be interesting, but I am sure there is enough time in there for two trips out to the mountains. And I have one in there guaranteed, as I am heading out to Vernon, BC in August to attend a good friend's wedding. The bigger problem is perhaps finding someone to borrow a tent from for a couple of these excursions...

And as odd as it sounds, I have been gaming a lot more recently. I had been fairly tied up with academic duties, and groups that I had joined during most evenings during the semester, but the abrupt and somewhat unsettling dissolution of said schedule left me with an abundance of time in the evenings and the weekends. I have taken the opportunity to continue my more academic pursuits (Freud) and the lesser so (Rainbow Six: Vegas and Rallisport 2). It is nice to start playing so many of these games I had previously lacked the time for.