Beaver in the Rain


Beaver in the Rain
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It has been a fairly relaxing weekend, which is what I was looking for after finally going to convocation last weekend. I now have my degree in hand, though I really have no idea what to do with it exactly. Still, I have to admit that I steal glances at it more normal to remind myself that I really do finally have it after all this time. I am fairly certain it won't be the last degree I earn, but it was the first. Now I am just sitting up on my laurels trying to decide what on Earth I am going to do.

To celebrate my convocation, some of my family came up from Michigan to spend the long weekend with me. It was a delightful time, but the weekend was about as wet as the beaver above, which we saw in Elk Island National Park. The best news on the weather front was that it didn't rain until about 15 minutes after my ceremony had finished. We made it to the bookstore to turn in the gown completely dry. The walk back was considerably more... damp.

In a totally different line of thought, the iPhone 3G is coming out on July 11, and I really want one. It looks absolutely incredible. From the details I have gleaned thus far, they have fixed all of the problems that I had with the original version and dropped the price to boot. I haven't seen what kind of price tag that Rogers is going to stick on it, but I am sure it will be spendy. Still, my iPod just broke, and it is very tempting to just switch up to this. Certainly going to take my time to think about it - student loan repayments are the other gift of convocation, and they certainly don't wait.