Dan Gears up for the Trail

As I suppose is painfully obvious, the weather has taken a plunge for the chilly. It’s painfully cold outside right now, about -15° C. That’s actually warmer than it has been, this picture for instance was taken around -28° C , if I remember correctly. Thankfully, cross country skiing has a way of keeping one quite warm even in far subzero temperatures. The car certainly had a hard time of it. It took us about 15 minutes to get the car warm enough to get it moving. For the curious, this is a portion of the Goat Creek trail that goes from Canmore into the Banff National Park town site. I have to say, I hope to do this trip again sometime soon.

Sadly, that was one of a very few trips into the great outdoors this winter. It’s been especially miserable outside, and so my reluctance has only grown. According to the Journal, December was the coldest it’s been for a decade. Still, the days are finally beginning to noticeably lengthen, and so I think it may be picking up out there to something more reasonable. Which is good, because I desperately need to return to a more active lifestyle. I fear that while Christmas was excellent, the added winter weight is becoming increasingly unwelcome.