Dvořák's Carnival Overture



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The weather is warming up, and my vacation is now a few weeks past me. Now that life is progressing on more or less as normal, it’s time to start figuring out out to mix it up a little. That, and work out where the next vacation will be. I have more than just a tad bit of wanderlust, and getting out for a little bit was rather like fanning the flames. I am strongly tempted to dispense with my tax refund in the most irresponsible of ways — bombing around the Netherlands. It has always been a lifelong goal after all, and the interest rates on my loans are awfully low at the moment. Oh decisions…

I finally went to a free symphony performance the other day while on lunch from work. In an effort to encourage interest in their new season, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra played a free one hour sampler concert in the Winspear centre downtown. I had never heard the Carnival Overture before; it was fantastic, and made me remember how much I loved a live orchestra. In addition, there's something sublime about being at the symphony while at work. In any case, I am definitely planning on visiting a few times this year. I wouldn't say it's cheap, but it's not ridiculous either.