6.5 km. I have something of a goal to get to a good solid 10k before the Edmonton Marathon that takes place in August, and so far, my efforts have been rewarded with slowly appearing results. So far, I am on the sunnier side of 6k, so I should be able to make the race, which is the shortest offered that weekend. They also offer the normal 26.2 mile jog, which I doubt I will be participating in any time soon. I am somewhat surprised how long I have been able to keep this up but gratified none the less. It’s been a great way to enjoy the Edmonton summer weather, which is actually quite nice.


Far is also the title of Regina Spektor’s new album, which I have listened to a couple of times already, courtesy of NPR. It is rather whimsical and peculiar, which are hallmarks of a good album in my view. It has a fairly wide scope, with some rather off-beat subjects. She also has a great voice.