Fall Camping


It's been a challenging few months as I come out of the summer and look into the bleak darkness that is the beginning of winter here in the Great White North. As something of a last hurrah, a friend of mine and I would up going down to Kananaskis Country to camp for the weekend. It was a fantastic weekend; wonderful to get out of the city for a while and look at actual stars. There were a number of campfires, great views, and an excellent hike. It was also cold and rainy for part of it, but that is the risk you run with off-season camping. The upside is that the fire is appreciated all that much more, and you really cut down on the crowds.

Strangely, this fall I am fairly busy, back in classes that I am taking for work. it feels a little strange to be back in the classroom, but only a little. It is good to stay up-to-date and active in learning. I think it's always a mistake to be professionally or personally complacent. One always has to push on, because life will take you unawares otherwise. It is busy though and it's odd to come home from a full day at the office to several hours worth of homework and reading.

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