H1N1 and Windows 7


Well, I like to think that this October, I got both. Ok, luckily for me, I mean the vaccine for H1N1. The province advertised general availability of the vaccine, and made it available for free, so I decided to get it right away. With my exposure as high as it is with travel, public transit, time at two universities, and my general propensity to come down with whatever is going around the office, I decided it would be in my best interests to get the vaccine as soon as possible, especially since it takes up to 14 days to generate any immunity. Naïvely, I went immediately after work, and proceeded to wait for the next 3½ hours. That was ridiculous, although, now, a few days later, I realize I was rather fortunate to get it at all. I really hate getting the flu.

My other big coup for October was installing the release version of Windows 7. After my computer crashed at the beginning of September, I held off on installing anything else, because I figured that I would have Windows 7 soon, but it’s been frustrating having my main computer in limbo. I haven’t played a single game on it in months. And listening to music has been a little awkward as well. It is nice to get the new OS finally. I have to say, it has a nice feeling to it and it at least seems a bit faster and more streamlined than Vista. I haven’t entirely adjusted to the new taskbar yet, but it seems more like the Dock in a few ways from OS X.

Other than that, I give two thumbs up for Zombieland, which while having a bit too much for gore, turned our to be a fantastic move, really funny. I also enjoyed watching U2 on Youtube. They’re an amazing band.