Sloppy, Slushy Soup


At the beginning of the season, and usually towards the end, there is a period of nature’s indeterminacy that we mortals must inevitable suffer through, soaked shoes and dirt flecked pants as proof of our endeavours. Of course, it is those without vehicles that suffer the most, tossed carelessly to the whims of the streets and the elements. As you may have guessed, I am one of the innumerable societal rejects of whose plight I so eloquently previously described. Sadly, yes, winter has arrived in full force to strangle the life out of all those that dare to brave its icy tendrils.

I went this evening to watch the University of Alberta’s annual production of “9 Lessons and Carols,” which is always a treat. The handbells are particularly spectacular, especially given that this is nearly the only opportunity in the year that I have to witness such a display. They do a set of scripture readings and performances with the mixed chorus of many classical Christmas tunes, sometimes in Latin and others in English. The audience at times is invited to sing certain carols, making it a rather nice prelude to Advent. And this time, I actually surprisingly ran into my cousin, who was there to see a friend perform. It’s quite a small world after all, I guess.

It’s been quite interesting listening to the health care debate that is currently occurring in the US. It continually fascinates me how differently different groups of people will report on and interpret the same or similar sets of data. I am surprised that so many people are convinced that the satus quo is somehow acceptable. Still, with so many deeply vested interests and stakeholders involved in the US health system, it stretches the bounds of my optimism to assume that something meaningful is going to emerge from this soup of a conundrum they find themselves in. Reminds me of the weather, without the promise of an eventual spring thaw…