Weekend trips


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I spent this past weekend at a wedding in Kelowna (pinned above), where I enjoyed the company of seldom seen friends, and spent inordinately large sums of money on leisurely pursuits. In short, it was a fantastic weekend. The weather was sunny, if a bit cool, and the company was great. Over the years, many friends have moved on, gotten married, and followed their dreams to other cities and continents. It’s starting to be the case that the only time I see many old friends are at weddings. There’s not too many of those left, only one of that sizeable group has not married, and as nearly everyone reminds me lately, myself.

Now I am busy trying to figure out a way to get out on one weekend camping trip before the season closes. Septembers in the Great White North are unpredictable and fickle in nature, so planning any sort of activity that relies on the temperament of Mother Nature is always a dangerous endeavour. Nevertheless, circumstances have conspired against me this summer, and if I am do some camping, it will have to be in September. This weekend looks promising, and it’s a long weekend too. And hey, camping in the snow just provides a greater excuse for a bonfire.