Of Rain and Camping



I raced out this past Labour Day weekend what was likely my last shot at camping in 2010. It’s been a cold and rainy summer, and I am afraid that does not bode well for our fall. Despite the cold and the rain, I thought the trip went rather well. I certainly appreciated the chance to get out by a campfire and see the stars. The campfire was excellent, and I know for a fact it exceeded 650° C, as it melted my aluminum camp cooker. I think next time I’ll be purchasing a cooker made out of cast iron; those ones are nearly indestructible.

I made a couple long hikes, the first of which was certainly the most strenuous and provided the most breathtaking view at the top of the Whistlers in Jasper (the link requires MS Silverlight or Moonlight to be installed). Over a 1.3 km elevation gain to the top, but the views were breathtaking. I froze. It was definitely below 0° C with the wind howling up there, and I was geared for a warmer hike that that. Still, more than worth the effort, it compares well I think to the view offered from Schilthorn – Piz Gloria in Switzerland. It’s not quite as high, but the view is more expansive and has better views of the valleys too.

As for the rain, well, the majority of it thankfully occurred while I was in deep slumber, and the periodic rain during the day never qualified as a drenching. Better without it, but I think in off-season camping, it’s nearly unavoidable.