Microscopic Majesty


I can’t go out and spend $5,000 on camera and lens set, though I like to fancy myself that I could put such a device to good and effective use if I had one. This picture was taken this last weekend in BC, and was photographed with such a device (Nikon D700). Again, that sort of expenditure is beyond me, but it’s hard to deny how effective it is. There is really no comparison between the type of shot I can manage with the D700 and what I can do with a Fujifilm EXR. You can take interesting photos with both, but the true stunners require the size and quality sensor only found in a dSLR. Maybe one day, and until then, you can admire nature’s glory in the above (with a bit of my dab hand in Photoshop).

While I blithely fiddle with Photoshop and otherwise squander my summer, the US Congress similarly dithers ineffectively in its duty to the electorate. The difference is that I do this in my leisure time; while at work, I do my job. I am hoping they get to theirs soon. It’s disheartening to see them play political games while the country watches them squander the little time remaining to work out a deal. They’ll need to ultimately cut spending and raise revenues; any other arrangement would be deeply flawed and unrealistic. The deficit problem is too large for anything else. So, why can’t they just get down to it? I can’t even fathom the consequences of a US sovereign default.