Winter Doldrums


Winter Skating at City Hall

In all truth, this has been the mildest winter I remember this far north. It is frequently at or above freezing, and on the whole, it is quite dry. I am really ok with that, although it could prove disastrous for the pine in Alberta. Mountain pine beetle is a serious concern in this area, and mild winters are pretty hazardous for the forestry business. On the whole, I think we are in store for a great number of changes in the climate. The stuff around here is anecdotal, sure, but I am generally convinced that climate change is happening since the last ten years have been the warmest since NOAA started taking records in 1880 and that the Arctic is likely to be ice free in the summer in a few more years. Now, I am certainly not complaining about a mild winter, but I think it is likely to have severely negative consequences elsewhere on the globe. As usual, it will be the poor that suffer the brunt of the change. This must not be permitted to happen.

Lately, however, my thoughts have been mostly consumed with thoughts about work and the close of the last fiscal year. I think every industry has its caveats, and for me, this time of year is right up there. One might think it would be less stressful for the predictability, but that’s not the case. I think of year end more like a trip to the dentist — a painful, necessary, regular occurrence. However, just as years of visits to the dentist temper childhood fright, so too does experience master the trepidation of the ignorant. One generally improves with time, and my skills have advanced since my last foray. I have a couple of weeks left, so here’s to hoping for a better year than last.