AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


Well, I guess that it is getting rather late. I am doing a fair bit of studying this week. I am dedicated to acing the second set of midterms, and I mean Ace! I kind of have to at this point... Anyway, I hope it goes well. Not much to say today. I went to Save-On foods, picked up groceries, and whatnot... Lot's of un, or it would have been, had I not lost my coffee cup there --- that was my favorite one. I can get it back, but it is kind of out of the way to pursue any time soon. Probably next weekend. I have a clip here of Liang talking, so you can hear his voice in addition to seeing his picture. If you all get really into the voice thing, I will record mine a little too, just for kicks. mp2 file of Liang's voice Anyway, I am brushing my teeth and hitting the sack, so remember to write! Bonne nuit.