AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


I took the MicroEconomics final tonight and it was much harder than I expected. I definitely did not get the grade I was hoping for, but I am sure I passed and that is really all I care about I guess. The last day of classes is tomorrow, but no new material is being covered. We are just having a review of pertinent information for the exam. I am going to be doing a lot of studying for the next two weeks. I really need to ace these exams. The Frozen Throne is a lot more fun, but that really isn't an option at this point. I am going to run out to Walmart tomorrow I think to pick up some Secret Santa stuff, and a few other essentials. What money I am going to use to buy these things I have no idea, but I'll give 'er a shot. The team lost the dodgeball game today, but I was participating as I had the final. Oh well, should really get to sleep. Need to be able to think tomorrow. √„Ň“is balda√…¬≠!