AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


I have been reading extensively into information about The Passion and I am deeply interested at this point. It looks to be a phenomenal movie, and it is supposed to be totally literally accurate. Mel Gibson has hired some excellent actors in my opinion. Monica Belluci and Jim Caveziel are some big names in Hollywood. Even more incredible, I was reading an interview done earlier with Jim Caveziel in which he said, "but one of them missed and [the bullwhip] hit me, flush, right on the back. It ripped the skin right off my back, but I couldnā€™t scream because the pain knocked the wind out of me". I think that gives a little hint at how realistic this movie is. If you have seen the trailer, located here , you will have some idea of the caliber of this movie. It is way above that of earlier Christian movies that I have I seen. I am sincerely hoping that I am able to attend the screener tomorrow that is in Edmonton. It is by invite only, but I have an ace up my sleeve and I will play it tomorrow. Otherwise I will be seeing it on its premier, February 25. I think I am going to try and promote it on campus. I don't think that anyone should miss it, so maybe I will put up some posters, etc. Mel Gibson has put $25 million into this movie, and I would like to see him get it all back for his leap of faith. I am seriously impressed with Mel Gibson for producing it and Jim Caveziel for acting in it, knowing it could be seriosuly detrimental to their careers. Otherwise, I have been busy pounding away at crap this week. I need to do some serious practice problems in organic and inorganic. Elsewhere, in the subjects I am good at it, it is rewarding to see all of my French coming back in a headrush. Economics is going quite well too. Tomorrow I have a squash game with Nikhil, and we won the first game of Dodgeball tonight -- always more fun when you win. Well, lots to do tomorrow, I had best hit the sack. Bien amicalement.