Résumé Lovin'


When one must perform a task that they are loathe to do, one inevitably finds some other task that they do not like (potentially better) that they can substitute with. Accordingly, I found myself cleaning my room and going on the job hunt. Normally of course, I would eschew any one of these tasks, but with the fangs of a Biology lab report staring me in the face, well, let's say that I have been working on an updated résumé. I have been faced with the onerous task of both making enough money for the car that I have to buy to make money, and the need to pay my rising university costs. Of course, résumé editing is the most fun I have had since I hit a deer the spring before last. Unfortunately, one must prepare an adequate C.V. if you expect to be hired by any employer for a decent wage. No, sadly, I am not including McDonald's in this group. Much to do tomorrow, including church. I should hit the sack. Goodnight.