Kinda Sore


I woke up this morning and I postulate that either the complete shortage of sleep or the exercise has done my poor legs muscles in. I was so sore this morning that I felt like Old Man River. The Ivanhoe competition required me to wake up at 4:45 AM this morning to go read a clue and get a sword made out of paper for points. I didn't get there first and somebody from 4 Mac beat everyone on our team. Sadly, my efforts went to waste. Now I kinda feel like a nap, bit I don't think that is going to be possible due to the fact that I have another class in 15 minutes or so. I think tonight's free time will be consumed with finishing the catapult for competition this evening. I am completely undecided about what I am doing for next year. Alberta announced a complete tuition freeze, which I have to admit, is very attractive to me, but I am afraid that my bridges around here are somewhat burned. By burned, I mean that I am saddled with a very uncompetitive GPA. I am working on improving that, but it is a rather slow process. I had planned on moving to GRCC for a couple of years to work on getting out of debt before finishing my Bachelors, but there are now several impediments to that. If any of you faithful readers have an ideas, please leave a comment by clicking the link below this post, or send me an email. Your ideas will be taken seriously, as I don't like my options as they stand. I have a forkload of midterm examinations next week that I am diligently preparing for. Bioethics, French written and oral, and pharmacology all fall on either Thursday or Friday and I am more than a little concerned. Luckily, the Ivanhoe competition finishes up on Friday evening, but I have a lot of other stuff, relating to the prior paragraph and more that I have to deal with. I feel like a deer in headlights.