Buckle Down


All of my first round midterms are now completed. I haven't had an ass kicking like that since first year. A warning for you all? Don't underestimate what seems like the easiest course. Those that are conceptually easy will be made tricky by time constraints or ridiculous wording. I am going to have to adjust my schedule for the rest of the year to accomodate for a first period shut out (for all you hockey fans out there). I now need to implement plan B. When I run into or am offered something that sounds fun, I run in the opposite direction for the remainder of the term. Sure sounds appealing, doesn't it? It really doesn't get any easier than that, unfortunately. Remembrance Day weekend is next week up here in Canuckistan, and most people will be heading off for fun activities elsewhere. Not me. I will be wheedling the hours away in between a mountain of books and scrap paper. It'll be silent, except for the faint sound of the occassional curse. Oh yes, it will be a dry, dusty place where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. In my first real trip to the library since the semester started, I realized that Cameron has a bank of Sun thin clients hidden away in the basement. They are are running an old copy of Solaris (9), but if they upgraded to 10, I think they'd be quite nice. They are a very pleasant replacement for Windows. I am almost tempted to see if I connect my desktop back in the appartment into the terminal server... Oh, what' s that? Never mind, my chem book is calling me.