On the Road Up North


On the Road Up North
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On the way to work this morning it was around -15° C. Of course, as exams are coming, I am increasingly left with less time to do anything but memorize hopelessly boring facts and metabolic pathways of differenct bacterial species and thousands of chemical analyses and complementation pairings. It makes me long for for a sunny day, slurpee, and the open road. I have always had a touch of wanderlust, but this climate is doing nothing to tame it.

It's an odd thing, I seek to spend time with people, but I am an odd enough duck that I have never met a person who is interested in even half the stuff that I am. It's frustrating sometimes that even some of my better friends share very little of my facinations or perspectives. I have a friend back in Michigan, who if he were really honest with himself, shares very little with me. It's sometimes an exercise in frustration, because choosing something we both want to do is nearly impossible for the most part. So we don't.

So I stay alone. Driving alone with the radio cranked under cloudy skies and a faint hint of thunder in the horizon.