Height of Field Season


After a long relatively relaxing weekend, I came back today to hit work hard. We spent 11 hours prepping for my boss' actual PhD work. This involved cutting 700 pieces of cardboard, driving them to the other side of the university, and beginning work on painting them all. As you might guess, carboard absorbs paint fantastically well, so this involves several coasts of paint. Also on the docket this week, a trip up to Grand Prairie are to collect 10,000 Phyllotreta striolata (a type of beetle), a trip the opposite direction down to Lethbridge to prep the field for one of the trials, and potentially, a trip to Vegreville to begin planting 1500 vials of Canola for yet another trial. Needless to say, I am rarely bored at work lately. In addition, I tutor and am trying to find some time for the odd personal project. For instance, I have been here for three years, and I still do not have a Canadian amateur radio license. Taxes still should be submitted for the American governement, and at some point I desperately need to settle my health insurance for another year. And finally, my complaint for the evening. It's summer, and apparently I cannot barbeque on my own balcony. Pathetic. I think the closest I can get is a George Foreman grill, and you just don't get quite the same taste from that.