1000 km and Falling Leaves



With slightly fewer classes than I am normally used to, you'd think that I'd be overflowing with free time, but this is sadly not the case. For starters, as I suspected, the classes that I did choose have a fairly high workload to them anyway. I find any class with a lab component is naturally going to consume more time. In addition, I have found that with Rick just beginning his ministry, I need to spend more time with that showing the ropes and getting everything is place. I have certainly been enjoying it, but it keeps me busy.

This last weekend I wound up driving in a nice rented Gran Prix down to Granum to see my cousin's wedding. A somewhat crazier weekend than I am used to with that going on, but it was great to see my family again. Last time I had been down to Granum was just shy of one year ago, and that's a pathetically long time to go without a visit. Besides, my father had flown out for the wedding as well, so it was a good chance to see him for a bit. I did all of the video taping for the wedding, so I have about 4 to 5 gigs of raw footage around here that I need to process into something respectable in the next few weeks. It's been a long time since I cut any video, so I am hoping this doesn't turn out too badly.

I came back up to Edmonton after dropping my Dad off at the Calgary airport, and then enjoyed the cruise. Listening to CBC Radio 1, I came across an excellent interview on Tapestry with Anne Lamott. It was interesting, and unusual, so that helped break up what was a rather monotonous drive. I found it very genuine.

Fall here is already in full swing. I'll probably head out for a run tomorrow evening to take a few pictures of the area. If I don't, I don't think I'll catch too many leaves on the trees. I must say that I love Fall, and really always have. I am not sure if it's football, or perhaps the world sighing after a hectic summer, maybe its the cooling off, or the apple cider. Whatever it is, there's nothing quite like Autumn, and I do miss the East a bit when I think about it. They have a far more spectacular Fall...

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