The Harshness of Fall


It is perhaps no coincidence that after 2 and a half years of faithful swimming, my last feeder goldfish passed away overnight. He had developed some sort of odd disease or infection, and so I knew he wasn't doing well, but had no idea how to treat him. I suspect that even had I possessed definitive knowledge on its treatment, it would have been to late by the time I noticed how badly he was doing. In any case, it was probably past time for me to get on with building a real aquarium capable of capturing imagination, rather than an over sized home for a lonely carp.
Of course, I have no time to address that concern at the present moment, for the present circumstances restrict my attentions to concerns of a more... academic quality. I have yet to really decide on a question to answer for my term paper, much less put together an adequate list of sources to address said question. This list, of course, is due on Friday morning. Next week is my second set of midterms, a set I am definitely not ready for in any reasonable sense. It all feels like its coming on a bit too fast. I am hoping to use the next few days to effectively get fully caught up on the relevant material. But with fall hitting me hard, I am far more inclined to go for a 15 hour nap.

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