Mountains of Snow


Snowy site in Edmonton

I have lived in Edmonton for many years now, but this year has been truly remarkable for its snowfall. I cannot recall a year here where we got anywhere close to this much snow. In some places, it’s been pushed up higher than my head. In fact, Edmonton tied a record made in 1971 for the highest snowfall in January. It’s really been quite an experience, and as I have not had to shovel any of it, I have kind of enjoyed watching the snow fall. I desperately would like spring, but now I am hesitant due to the swamp that is surely awaiting us once we tip over above 0° C.

Partly due to the snow and my recent work schedule, I feel a bit like I have been hibernating for the winter. It’s been a mad rush between buildings to avoid the cold for the last two months, which is only natural in my belief when the weather is only suitable for elk and arctic terns. That freezing cold wind on my face on the rushed walk to work often feels like sandpaper, so  I have focused more of my efforts on napping on my La-Z-Boy.