AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


At this point, I feel like I have had a massive lobotomy. After hours of mind-numbing financial calculations, I am still not done figuring out where I stand, except for one thing that is dramatically clear. My net worth is overwhelmingly negative. That's right, I have absolutely nothing once everything is accounted for. Not only do I not have money, but I carry a massive debtload. I guess that makes me no different than most Americans, but it is a sickening realization. I need booze. No, not really, I can't afford it! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, after all, I am in university, but man... this is sad. So, I guess now that I have 25% of my fianancial calculations done, I will clean up the old dorm room and then move onto to my chemistry lab report. I think I am going to fry up some eggs as well, just for the heck of it. I could use an upper at this point. Especially since I get to start filling out loan paperwork in a little bit. I will almost surely be posting tomorrow, and I welcome any calls, but tomorrow I have class until 9:30, so I will be a bit late. Perhaps another night would be better. Email always works. Au revoir.