AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


It is roughly 9:30, and once again it has been a rather long day. It wasn't that it was terrible, it is just that it wasn't great. Of course, my mood is somewhat affected by the recent discovery of my impoverishment. As any person should do, I recently took a quick glance at my credit card bill, as it must be payed tomorrow. Then I took another look at it, this time a little harder. My jaw dropped, and I looked at my checking account. Well, no problem there. I have enough to pay it, and then have a whopping $7 left!!!! Yes, that's right, while money does not make one happy, the lack of it I firmly believe can make one sad... On a serious note, this is an interesting development. I am trying to think of ways to deal with it, including selling all my worldly possessions and wearing paper grocery bags, petty theft, and maybe not-so petty theft. Of course, I could consider what normal people do when they run out of money -- suicide. But that seems so... passe. I guess I will be getting a job pretty soon. I make it sound worse than it is. No, I was deadly serious about the $7 ( I have blown through $1500 recently in college related expenses -- no! that does not mean beer!), but I do have a little more money stashed away; tomorrow brings another day and a serious one of accounting. I don't know. I will figure something out in short order. Student life is good for bringing humility into one's life. Something I probably need more of. Once I submit and have approved my BC Student loans and get the check, plus the part time job, things should look a little better for me. If not, well, Afghanistan is always an option. I went to Costco today and picked up some groceries for the week, blissfully unaware of my lack of funds. I think I would have been better off to continue in bliss, at least, it would have been more pleasant until the collection agencies retained Boba Fett to hunt me down. I saw the intramural hockey game between our Hall and the Mechanical Engineers. We lost. Now, I had better get to finishing my homework, lest I flunk out of university and be totally broke. Adios.