Tuesday Night & a Second Cup Latté


Well, yet another long Tuesday has come and gone. Once again, I have arrived at the end of it, only to be exhausted from all the work that it entails. Of course, most of courses are at least mildly interesting, and Heaven knows I have to pay attention if I have a hope of passing the course in a month or so. Tonight's macro econ course had me and the rest of the course puzzling over the causes and effects of inflation. I had no idea the the Wizard of Oz was just a political allegory for the 1890's. Absolutely fascinating. This week, as ever, I am overburdened with needing to do assignements, and gasp, learn the material. That said. my spirits are high as the days get longer, sunnier, and a fair bit warmer. It was windy as ever, but I felt cheery. The only bad news? Somebody got stabbed in the science library today... Kind of freaky, I was right around there for class today.... Biology lab tomorrow morning, so I had best get my rest. À demain.