Brick Painting Day



I spent the day painting my brick for outside my room here in MacKenzie Hall. It is a pretty sweet loking brick, in my own opinion. I can't claim all of the credit for this piece of awesomeness though. I got the help of the guy next to me, Ryan, to give me a hand on a few parts. It will be here for the next 10 years or so, so I wanted it to look pretty cool. I am back to studying like crazy tomorrow. I have two more finals on Wednesday, and given that Inorganic went so badly, I am going to have to get some pretty good grades to make up for it. Hopefully a full day in the John Scott will help my memory a little for French and Organic. The same guy that helped me with the brick got ducktaped to a chair tonight and had snow stuffed down his shirt by a mob of girls on our floor. It will be interesting to see where the retaliation goes...