A Phone, Finally


I felt totally lost without a phone, as odd as that sounds. Unfortunately, even in a day of email and IM, a phone is absolutely crucial to being part of Canadian society (or American for that matter). Nobody could call me, and it was quite a hassle for me to call anyone, so until I talked to my grandparents this morning, it had almost been a month since I had sporken with them. There is still something about hearing someone's voice, even if you are 3000 km away. Tomorrow is going to be a nasty day. Church will be good, but then I have quite a bit of homework to do. I went through almost all of my psychology today, but tomorrow I must study for my French midterm, make my Anatomy notecards, and work on a Semiotics paper. I also need to finish organizing my room. I have it part of the way where I want it now, but it still needs work. My floormates just asked me where I planned to sleep, so... This site may now, for a few days anyway, be accessed at the address natevos.info .