In the Thick of It


So far, I have my semiotics midterm in my posession, completed two others, and have two more midterms to go. I am concerned that I won't have the grades that I am looking for, but I am going to go hard with what I have and see where I land. I plan on waking up fairly early tomorrow to study for psych in the evening. As soon as I get back from that, I will do araft of math problems, and hope that I am ready for that midterm at 9 AM. The best news of all is that my semiotics prof gave us a few extra days to do the midterm, allowing me to focus on the more immediate ones. I was working on my computer today, and it was really acting up, so I was planning on doing some diagnostics. I never got around to that because the computer froze and I was unable to reliably reboot it. I tried a few things, but after try to repair XP, and getting a fail, I decided to test the hard drive. I moved it over to my cheap ECS motherboard with S.M.A.R.T. and verified that the drive had indeed died with all of my data... The drive was only 5 months old. You should always do weekly backups, I got lucky because I had just burned my stuff to two DVD's to save space. Anyway, the drive was definitely under warranty, so I should get a replacement in a few days. The other machine I have is out of comission compiling KDE. I am on my notebook. What a life.