Holy Week


Dr. Tom Ooosterhuis Leading the Seder With the photo that appeared above from a Passover Seder I attended on Palm Sunday, the biggest week in Christendom has begun, and while I have been a bit busy lately, I am really looking forward to this weekend. I have Good Friday and Easter Monday off as stat holidays, so I am planning on relaxing, job hunting, and cooking a feast. Since I have no family up here, I am planning on celebrating with friends that are staying here for the long weekend. I am looking forward to restoring my energy reserves before the grueling ordeal known more commonly as final exam time. I still desperately need to get better grades this semester, but I am on a good course for that, provided that finals are amazing. I have been meeting with faculty lately in an effort to better understand my options so I can make a good decision come Thursday, when I need to do next semesters registration here at U of A. I may not stay here, but I will at least leave that as a good viable option. Besides, tuition is frozen here for next year, which is very appealing.