Shots of Crown (Syrup)


Nickie Tipping back a shot of Crown Syrup You may of heard of the milk challenges that college students do or other bizarre activities. In the pure interest of randomness, a friend of mine saw the bottle of Crown Corn Syrup that I used to make the glaze for the ham on Easter and offered to try a shot of that. Incredulous, I nevertheless poured him a good two-shot glass of it, and sure enough, he kicked it back. Not to be outdone, Nickie (above) and I did one as well. That stuff doesn't go down all that easy; it's fairly thick. I'd compare it to drinking molasses and leave the image as an exercise for the reader. It's nearing spring here in Alberta, which I noticed on the way to the gym this morning. It was bright and sunny this morning at 6:50 this morning -- a pleasant surprise to be sure. I love the snow, but at this late a stage in the game, I don't mind seeing it yield to warmer days. In my mind at least, it is time for bike riding and studying on the grass. I hate the gradual process, however. There is nothing worse than soaking wet shoes and pants because there is 2 inches of slush and water to slog through on the way to class. Only received one call on Easter: you guys are going to have to get better... ;-)