Burning Money


Everybody who knows me has most likely realized by now that I am very Dutch. Of course, "if you're not Dutch, you're not much." But the other part of that means being quite frugal, and so I rarely spend a dollar I can't justify well. That's why it shocks even me in how much I have spent on transportation in the last week or so. I have probably burned about $70 in transit passes and cab rides. $32 of that was spent last minute cab rides. They do the trick, but I can't afford frivolities like that right now. For those that I have not told yet, I have transitioned from being a University student to an RV salesman. It's going alright, though I need more experience at this point. Of course, that's probably because I have been working for about a week now. In any case, I see this as an excellent way to get some experience in sales, and make a decent wage over the summer. Still, paychecks are done on a monthly basis, so I have a long time to wait before the first one comes in. I am living all alone up here in Edmonton, especially right now as my roommates are out of town - one in Ft. MacMurray and the other is in Halifax. I guess now that the summer is in, and most of my friends and family live hundreds to thousands of kilometres away, I will have to figure out something else to occupy my time away from the workplace. The summer will be very long if I can't manage that! At least for tonight that won't be a problem. Since I have to be wide awake tomorrow at 7 PM, I think I am going to have to hit the sack now.