Grades Are In!


I guess its hard to top the euphoria from earlier tonight when I realized how my grades turned out for the last semester. While I never thought I would be so happy to not see a C, there it is. I am now solidly over a 3.0. It's about $@^&@ time! While I can't claim that I deserved that grade any sooner than now, I am happy that I have figured out university enough that those kind of marks are attainable. I would have opened a bottle of champagne or something, but I am kind of the only person up here. It's really hard to celebrate alone, and the telephone is so inadequate at times like this. I sincerely hope that I find a job soon though. The grades are one part of the equation, but I really need to money to be able to continue this charade, so with a little luck, my search will be a little more successful tomorrow. I am getting things done, but way too slowly to be adequate for my needs at the moment. 24 is an excellent show. I always meant to watch it, but I have had a hard time getting into shows that span over multiple weeks. Due to an erratic schedule, I could never keep going with a show for an entire season, although that problem is solved with Tivo-like boxes and DVD boxed sets. Now that I have the opportunity to see it ad free and at my leisure, it has some real potential. Thus far, it seems captivating. We'll see if I feel the same after a few more episodes.