Two Hundred


Bed This is actually a rather plain picture of my bed. Tomorrow I plan to post a pic with the bed in the upright position so you get a better appreciation of how exactly this works. The bed also looks like it needs more pillows: I'm working on that. Maybe by March I'll have enough money for one. This is actually the two hundredth post since I began doing this a few years ago. To those of you that have been my faithful readers all this time, here's to many more years of posting while I am off in exile! This log has allowed me to communicate my thoughts to a wide audience from numerous locations, sadly all on the North American continent. Whether or not ever make it off of this particular tectonic plate, I hope that all of you have appreciated my efforts in this regard. To celebrate, I have posted a video of a tour I did through my apartment in addition to today's photo. Those of you without broadband will be able to download this, though I don't recommend it. The video is simply too large and most of you fill find it an exercise in frustration. To view it, you will most likely need a copy of VLC. You may have luck with something else, depending on exactly how your computer is configured. However, I can guarantee that VLC will play it, and VLC is free software and runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows. The link to download it is here. Many thanks go to blueboy for mirroring this file.