Clathrin and COP1


Ah, the joys of secretory vessel coatings. These and other such arcane things I learn everyday. Like, for instance, the repression of biosynthesis in E.coli, followed by their introduction to a rich broth. It's enough to make one's head spin. I am still depesrately trying to figure out how to create a test cross for genetics and understand exactly what is going on there. An I now realize that I should have paid a lot more attention in statistics. It'd save me some time about now. And apparently the Gateway (student newspaper) now has a French section published two Thursday's a month, Le Miroir. Who knew? Tonight is going to be a short post, as I think I am now going to leave the library, and go make myself a bit of supper, return a book to another library, and work on doing 3 labs for chem and the prep for the 4 hour monstrosity of Chem 211 tomorrow. Night