There and Back Again


Well, I have journeyed afar, and now once more, I resume the role of the reluctant student. After a short break, this feckless student will once again traverse at the unholy hour of 7:45 to his first class. I am very much looking forward to the day when my adventures as s fulltime student have stopped at least for a while. The lack of money is grating after a while and I certainly miss my car. However, that said, I am grateful for the break I did have. It was quite nice. I wound up taking a few days and going up to Houghton, MI -- home to Michigan Technological University where I have a friend in engineering. I also got to stop in Petoskey, which has grown like mad on the way up. After a New Year's Eve of the Lethal Weapon trllogy, we came back down to GR through Green bay, Milwaukee, and Chicago. I'll post a few pics tomorrow. In any case, as I have a long day tomorrow... goodnight.