Merry Christmas Edmonton


Swiss Mayonaisse
In one of the odder holidays that I have experienced, I spent Christmas in Edmonton. This was of course not my preference but I lay the blame at the criminally incompetent USPS/Canada Post that stranded me here. Despite what you may have wished to believe about our postal services, I have come to realize that they are appallingly bad. So bad, in fact, that I wonder why people would willingly consign items and packages that they are care about to these bumbling oafs. We may all have wished to believe that the express service (3 to 5 day) meant just that, but as I have so recently found out, one needs to at least triple that time frame. So, I have been waiting in Edmonton since Tuesday last week when I finished my exams to receive my license platein the mail. It, of course, has been completely and totally absent. So I spent my Christmas in Edmonton. It was certainly peaceful. It's surprising how much this neighborhood clears out around the holiday season. I wouldn't necessarily say that everyone left, but if I had to put a number to it, I'd guess at least 80%. It was quite different than the normal, which is caught up with family and parties. I would ideally not like to miss out on New Years festivities, but of course that completely depends on when I receive that plate. As far as I am concerned, it could not arrive here soon enough. I have lost more than enough time as it is. The tube you see above is a tube of mayonnaise that my roommate brought back from Switzerland. I had to throw it up here, because I have never in my life seen a tube of mayonnaise. He insists it's pretty close to the stuff that we keep over here in a jar, but I am mistrustful of anything that looks like its container was more suited to toothpaste. Heh. Anyway, I am going to get some sleep.