Endless Blue, Endless White, It's 2010



It is on some level difficult to believe that it’s already 2010. Which also of course means that it’s January again. It’s hard to disguise a a certain amount of distaste for a month that is punctuated by bouts of bone-chilling cold, incessant darkness, and a certain level of tedium. It’s hard not to spend a certain, more than minimal amount of time, fantasizing about warmer climes. Tahiti sounds like a fantastic place to spend January.

It is a brand new decade. Seems like just yesterday that we were collectively terrified about Y2K and waiting with anticipation the dawn of another thousand years. And perhaps more importantly, it’s been a decade, a critically important decade, of my life. I want to say that it’s been a momentous one. And to some extent, so that I can plan for the next one, it’s wise to take stock of the previous one. I completed high school, travelled to Central America, South America, completed my degree, obtained fulltime professional employment, and moved to another country in another region. I certainly would like to continue on that pace going forward, which I think is going to be a bit more difficult to maintain. Certainly, a part of that is due to some of the unpleasantness endured to achieve those milestones.

In any case, I enter this decade with healthy amount of hope and anticipation for the future. I have think I have answered for myself some of the major existential conflicts that so afflict youth, and I have a lot more confidence in handling the challenges of the years to come.