AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


Sleep deprivation seems to be a chronic problem afflicting nearly all higher learning institutions. I have slowly become aware that most students desperately want more sleep, but then foolishly deprive themselves of it. I myself have struggled with the issue. It is a tough world out there when you are prone to fall asleep 10 minutes into a crucial lecture. I fear there is no easy answer to this problem, save caffeine and electroshock therapy. I took my chemistry midterm today, and I actually think I may have passed it. Unbelievably, I may have actually passed the class average. This one certainly went better than the last, which I think the prof had planned as a "shock and awe" demonstration. She shocked me right into a stupor, and hence, never got around to the awe state... Whatever. As long as I pass my classes, I guess I am satisfied. My aunt is coming up on Friday, which is good news for me. I could use a fern, which is difficult to lug around on a bus/train. I am also looking forward to seeing family and going out for real food for once. Hopefully I will be able to get most of my biology lab report done tomorrow and my stats homework as well, but somehow I doubt it. I am supposed to Safewalk from 5 to 8 PM, and so that leaves me with precious little time to tackle difficult problems. I need to at least finish my prelab and stats crap. Not only do I have Safewalk, I have a meeting with a business guy from College Pro, to see if a little training and a business plan (entrepreneurship) could increase my wages next summer by a bit. I am hoping to avoid as much much loans as I can. Scholarships seem to be out of the question, so... So here we are again at the end of the night. I complain about lack of sleep and I am posting this as 12:30 AM. Time to say buonos noches.