National Park Extravaganza


I spent the last days of the week wining and dining through four Canadian national parks, and the associated cities nearby where we stayed. It was actually the first time that I have been to Yoho or Glacier National Park. It was really an entertaining experience. We had beautiful weather for the most part, right up until the very last day. I am happy to say that I viewed the entire experience as a positive one. We saw very little wildlife for the entire trip, but what we did see was fun and unusual. We saw bear cubs playing in the ditch on the Icefields Parkway and a fox on highway 16. We also saw the usual compliment of bighorn sheep and elk. From the people that we spoke to, we did better than most visiting the park. It was warm, so the working theory is that most animals fled to higher and cooler elevations. I have some fantastic pictures from the trip which I plan on posting in the next few days. Pictures of the bear cubs are probably pointless as what I got is just sufficient enough to show that we did in fact see a bear. Sadly, we were a little slow in getting the camera out. However, we got some great mountain shots which I plan on posting for fun. I had desperately needed to get out of Edmonton, and I think this trip was almost therapeutic in nature. It certainly was from a culinary perspective; I ate at a wonderful Greek restaurant named “Something Else” as well as a great Irish place in Banff. At that Irish place, mom ordered a seafood boxty that was incredible. I heartily recommend either place for fantastic cuisine. We also ate at “The Keg” last night, and that was terrific too. My steak there was amazing, as usual. My move to my apartment is now nearly complete. My mom took one look at it and decided that we’d just stay in a hotel and eat out. Despite that reaction, I remain confident that it will work out with some work and TLC. It’s going to have to – the Edmonton Coast Plaza hotel is wonderful to stay in, but a little expensive to make a habit out of. It sounds like we have secured a futon for the room, and with that and a small dresser, I should be in business. I need to make some serious money this fall and a decent amount for the rest of the summer. I still have a bit of time left. I have a hard time believing how much I have to do to get set up for this coming school year. I still have yet to complete my registration for the coming year, despite the fact that my confirmation payment of $150 is due on the fifteenth. I also need to secure insurance for my apartment some time this week. Sometimes I look at my future plans and it’s overwhelming. I have little time, and so much that I need to get done.