It is a funny thing. I am enjoying the time that I am spending in Grand Rapids, but I am mindful of the little time that I have left. I feel like I have accomplished so little, but in truth, it seems that I always feel that way. I fear I need to either change my expectations or become more effective. Neither look to be attainable at the moment... I have been reading through the Chronicles of Narnia which I have to admit was brought on by the movie. I am praying they make another one, as the last one was quite good. I suppose it really depends on how much money they make on this release. The books are a little overbearing in the allegory, but once you are past that, they are quite good, and I remember something new each time i read them. Most definitely worth a read for everyone out there. They are classics, and easy reads at that. I have no idea yet what I am doing for New Year's Eve, but I imagine that something will come up soon. I'd best be off to bed so I can meet the new day with eyes wide open.