Toile d'Araignée


A number of years have gone by, and I think it is now an appropriate time to make a pilgrimage back to Grand Rapids. The last time that I went there the predominant carrier on the route was still Northwest Airlines, so I think that should convey some sense of how long it's been. It feels like a piece from another life, like a smoky wisp or a cobweb that haunts my memories. I am looking forward to, but am apprehensive about, reconnecting with all those whom I have not seen for many years. It is easy to wonder how much has changed and how much has been forgotten in the intervening years. I found a song a number of years ago that I found particularly poignant by Alison Krauss:
"Gravity" I left home when I was seventeen I just grew tired of falling down And I'm sure I was told The allure of the road Would be all I found And all the answers that I started with Turned out questions in the end So years roll on by And just like the sky The road never ends And the people who love me still ask me When are you coming back to town And I answer quite frankly When they stop building roads And all God needs is gravity to hold me down